Ed Fitchett War Memories
Ed Fitchett War Memories
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Letters from former Prisoners of War - Formosans
After their repatriation, several former Formosan prisoners of war wrote to Ed Fitchett. Are you a relative of any of these people or have information about them? Contact Us.

Lo Yam Hui
Address: None
Date: probably between March and September 1946
Message: Gratitude for kindness at internment camp. Efforts to make things as pleasant as possible greatly appreciated. Wishes best of health, luck and success.          Thanks again from bottom of my heart.
Signed: “Your boy  Lo Yam Hui”

Tang Shek-Tiang
Address: #70 Tionsan-seiro, Purun, Roton, Taipak, Taiwan (Formosa)
Date: January 17, 1947
Message:  Arrived at home town Feb.2, 1946. Feb. 25, 1946 –got a job teaching English and Forestry in the Provincial Guniany(?)  Agriculture School – from which he graduated ten years ago. Would like to work in U.S. Consulate, “any company or shop and be a U.S. agent" (He asked for my recommendation)  Would like to visit U.S.A. sometime. Mentions he likes to see U.S. made movies the best – and when he’s in the theater it reminds him of his American friends.  He stated that if he can’t go to America – he wishes I could visit him someday. He sent Formosan paper money, “with picture” in denominations $100, $10, $5,$1 – he collects them. He asked me to send some to him [for his collection.

Seiden Kor (and) Nen Ko
Address:  Hshin Chu Sugar Mill, Formosa China
Date:  May 5,   1948
Message:  Thank you for kindness in Philippines. Introduces his good friend Nen Ko.  He finished commercial school and now working in sugar mill. He wants to go abroad to school but has no chance.  Please give us a chance to [go to] America.

Sek Kyo Go
Address:  3.5 box Kong Teng, Tai Tiong city, Formosa, China
Date:  October 20, 1948
Message:  You very kind to me in Luzon PW camp – thank you very much indeed. Our P.W. from Manila come back to Formosa – not get occupation (job). Every day go freak (?)  I want to go to Okinawa but need pass.  Please give me a letter.

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December 14, 2011 Poughkeepsie, NY

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November 10, 2011

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