Ed Fitchett War Memories
Ed Fitchett War Memories
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Letters from former Prisoners of War - Japanese
After their repatriation, several former Formosan prisoners of war wrote to Ed Fitchett. Are you a relative of any of these people or have information about them? Contact Us.

DR. Kenichi Takio, M.D.
Address:  St. Luke’s International Medical Center, Chino-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Date:  December 1946
Content:  Christmas card and brief note explaining he was with me on the ship.
Note:  Dr. Takino was my interpreter on board the John L. Sullivan.  My movies show me shaking hands and saying “goodbye” to him at Uraga.

Sozo Utashiro
Address:  No. 773, 3-chome  Tamagawa, Todoroki-machi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo,  Japan
Content:  Two Christmas cards – probably  December 1946 and 1947.   Just signed by him.
Note:  (I can’t remember him for sure. I think from POW Branch Camp in Manila)

Saburo Saito
Address:  1536 Soryo Matsudamachi, Ashigarakamigun, Kanagawaken, Japan
Content:  One page letter dated June 25, 1949.  (He had lost my address and got it from Mr. Utashiro.) He returned home to Japan Dec. 7, 1946.  Appreciated time I was at the camp. Working for Toyota Motors Co, Ltd., same as before (the war?). Asked if I remembered Mr. Sida of Takashimaya Dept. (store) who met with me?  (I took a letter from a POW, probably Saburo Saito, to someone in a department store on Ginza Street.)  Mr. Utashiro told him I was happily married now and he offered his congratulations.

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